It Ain’t Easy: A Call for Awareness & Solidarity; Not Pity & Platitudes

Greetings to you from this warrior mom, wife and minister of our Lord Jesus Christ! Today, the prophet and advocate in me is alive, well, and bursting to get out. So, here she is! To some extent or other, we’ve all had to struggle with locating and securing employment. In our society, it’s a struggle to obtain anything from housing to childcare to employment… If you happen to be “different“ that challenge is tenfold!

At some point and in someplace or other I have addressed issues such as sexism, racism, disability-ism, and more. Today, what is on my heart is to address the injustice those with visual impairments face when seeking employment. One day, employers and others in power and Without power will be able to look past surface differences and prejudices they have assuming they understand the abilities of others and the world will be a stronger, more just, well-rounded, truly inclusive and glorious place. When we look at each other, may we come to automatically ask ourselves “what unique ability and gift does this person have to contribute to my life or the lives of others?” It’s time we did more than give lip service to the reality that God has created all of us in gods own glorious image to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. Amen!


From My Heart!

I’ve had enough! 😞😫🤦‍♀️
Yes, I have two B.A. degrees! Yes, I have a
M.A. (M.Div.) degree! Yes! I have experience working with diverse populations of children, women and men! Yes I am resourceful, creative, compassionate, determined and resilient! Yes, I am a skilled teacher, presenter, public speaker and will successfully pass any background screening you require. Yes, I have been trained in CPR/first aid. Yes! Yes! Yes! I meet and likely exceed most of your requirements and recommendations.

No, I DONT drive!.

“Oh, we’re sorry, although you sound like the perfect candidate, … this position which does not require you to transport patients or anything else really requires that you have a valid drivers license and a good driving record, so not hired!”

My sisters and brothers who have visual impairments, are deaf or hard of hearing, have speech challenges, perhaps struggle with learning disabilities or criminal records, know that I am with you and stand in solidarity with you. You are strong, courageous and beautiful and Waze many are in capable of seeing, yet be assured that God always sees.

Employers and boards/Committees may not even realize this is prejudice and discrimination, but in large part it is. When we fail to look beyond our own context and outside of our own boxes, we are acting according to fear, prejudice and comfort zones. God is the God of the marginalized and the demonized and the rejected. with God by our side, #WeShallOvercome #YouAreNotAlone

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I’m not sure if there’s practice is UNORTHODOX, but I’m going to leave the hashtags in as they were in the FB and IG post I did earlier.

Let Us Pray

Come, Holy Spirit, come! As we with various abilities, gifts and graces bring them to the table, grant those in power and authority with your wisdom and vision for a kingdom which embraces all your children! May your peace, assurance and love accompany those of us fighting the fight to be excepted and loved for who we are and whose we are.with your wisdom and vision for a kingdom which embraces all your children! May your peace, assurance and love accompany those of us fighting the fight to be excepted and loved for who we are and who’s we are. Lord, you are making all things new even as we speak and you have rejected the oldest structures of oppression and domination. I pray to be part of the rebuilding of a more just society. We are tired and need your strength to hold us up and send us fourth.

Thank you for your affirmations and your assurances. Thank you for being with us and loving us. Thank you for the will to continue to fight for ourselves and for all those who are marginalized and forgotten and left out. This world belongs to you, and so there is hope for justice to prevail. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’name, amen!